All the grains which we use in our manufacturing process are from BiH, Serbia and Croatia. From the entry of raw materials into production to the exit of the finished product from our production lines, quality control is at the highest level, which aims to reach top quality of the end product.

In addition to grains, each animal feed contains various pre-mixes, as well as other additives, which contribute to the health of animals and their good digestion.

Our recipe is a commercial secret, but what we can say about our mixtures is that all other elements, mineral and vitamin additives, acids and trace elements are specially controlled and selected in the market. We are aware of the fact that the market is flooded with cheap, poor quality products, but we do our best to avoid such products and not buy them. Our customers are used to a guarantee of the quality of animal feed that we produce, and our business commitment is to keep that trust and improve it even further.

The permanent process of improving production will put new challenges and tasks before us. Quality without compromise is the idea guiding us toward the complete trust of our customers.