Considering that our mixtures are made from the highest quality raw materials that undergo a complete laboratory analysis and that the probability of errors is almost non-existent, we focus on a few more factors which are very important in the diet of animals:

  • Genetics, hybrid quality, breed
  • Ambient conditions, temperature and humidity
  • Quality disinfection of the facility, i.e. minimal presence of bacteria and fungi
  • Keeping the optimal number of individuals per square meter
  • Respect for veterinary care (preventive and timely treatment…)

At the end of the day, when all of that is done, record-breaking results from our concentrated mixtures are a sure thing.

Instructions for the use of our products are highlighted in each declaration enclosed with the packaging. These instructions were made by our experts based on analyses and results from the field, to enable you to have as simple, productive and good quality breeding processes for your animals as possible. However, if there are any concerns for our customers, our professional team is at their disposal in order to achieve the best results in production.