e've pored over this current year's Midsumma program to take you a variety of events that seek to arouse discussion and challenge our opinions on sex, sex while the human body.

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Melbourne queer bookstore Hares and Hyenas provides various launches, talks and activities throughout another month. Over you can poke a dildo at.

From M/M to mmm: Females Re-wiring gay intercourse

Publisher C.S. Pacat joins article authors Clementine Ford and Jules Wilkinson in a conversation about man-on-man love and pornography compiled by women as well as the realm of ‘slash’ fan fiction. They discuss precisely why females like to compose and study about gay male sex and relationships, the controversy over ladies utilizing male pseudonyms and also the advancements during these types throughout writing and fanfic communities.
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Quinn Eades’ book launch –

All the Beginnings: A queer autobiography from the human anatomy

Quinn Eades is a specialist, blogger and award-winning poet whose introduction novel:

The beginnings: a queer autobiography of human body

examines an existence designated by both stress and pleasure. Enroll in Eades alongside Margaret Mayhem, Essie Thomas, Francesca Rundle-Short, Thomas O'Quinn James and Lily Sawenko.

while they look into the depths of this poetic memoir.
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Chilli and Spice, Curry or Rice? Part 2

The Australian LGBTIQ Multicultural Council provides a section discussion with feminine speakers from a cross-section of the area to talk about a series of hypotheticals, tackling bisexuality, fetishisation and racism pertaining to ethnicity and sex.
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Singer Ross Walker –

Censored katerina kristall nude

Censored Nudes

Singer Ross Walker has an interest in whether conservatism on social media went too far. In which he would understand: a few of Walker's own paintings and pictures were taken out of Facebook if you are also provocative. It had been this experience that helped to empowered

Censored Nudes

and prompted him to inquire of, why do images of flaccid penises have to be disallowed in public places discussion boards directed at adults?

This is an excellent concern, plus a fantastic chance of Walker generate this selection of new mural art, unique designs and photos that enjoy a man form throughout their magnificence.
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Queer Identities

Queer Identities

is an attribute from the Queermance Writers’ Festival and aims to understand more about the experiences associated with the diverse identities that comprise the greater queer area.

Join pansexual author Susan Beck as she has a chat about sex range, sexuality, asexuality and never always suitable in. Featuring Hespa, Park Ranger and Asexual Awareness Advocate, Amanda Marx, Genderfluid Poet, self outlined male femme Mark.
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Damaging the Binary

Same-sex attracted and gender diverse theatre ensemble YGLAM check out the intricacies of authentic sex expression in a global that sometimes fails to stay open-minded. Designed by several LGBTIQ young adults,

Breaking the Binary

arrives right from the horse's throat and lays blank the realities of life for younger gender diverse and non-binary people in this Australia.
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Midsumma Festival
works from 17 January until 7 Feb.

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