About us

About us
About us

Through successful operations of the “Rapić” company from Gradiška, for more than two decades we have been building up our key strategy – a commitment to superior quality of the final product and meeting the needs of each individual customer.

Therefore, our business is based on the following principles:

The customer-oriented principles

We are placing products of superior quality on the market in order to get new customers and keep existing ones. Satisfying their needs we also influence the local development of agriculture and animal husbandry. We are here to receive every criticism and benevolent opinion with pleasure because it is the basis for continuous improvement of the quality of the product and our business as a whole.

The employees-oriented principles 

We pay special attention to the education and continuous improvement of our employees and their satisfaction. Empowered and motivated, they contribute to creating trust in contact with customers and business partners through their professional work.

The partners-oriented principles    

We want to nurture a long-term, reliable and equal collaboration with our partners, in order for them to recognize that we are a partner they can accomplish their goals with.

With our social responsibility strategy, we want to make it clear that by investing in modern technologies, using organic raw materials in production and ecological waste management, we are investing in our future and the future of the community. Continuous education of employees, responsible conduct with waste and wastewaters all go to show our concern for society and the environment.