Farmofit animal feed is primarily produced in the fields of our associates, which produce high-quality domestic raw materials such as corn, soybeans, sunflowers, wheat and other grains. This initial, and at the same time, most important step in the process of creating animal feed is under the constant supervision of our expert staff, who have the task of ensuring traceability of the quality of raw materials in all stages of their creation.

From each delivery of grain brought to the factory, an average sample is taken for quality analysis, i.e. the content of basic substances, moisture, impurities and the like. That analysis is carried out in our own, modernly equipped laboratory and by highly educated staff, where standard and modern methods of analysis are applied.

The received grain is stored in professional, dedicated corn and grain bins. There, corn is stored in a large floor warehouse with a capacity of 20,000 tonnes. Soy and cereals are stored in silos, with a total capacity of about 8,000 tonnes. Depending on the percentage of moisture in the received raw materials, they can be subjected to additional drying, using modern flow dryers with a drying capacity of about 2 tonnes/min.

An intermediate step in the technological process of creating fodder is the creation of a recipe, which is designed by a nutritionist and implemented under the supervision of a technologist and the head of production. With the help of highly intensive information technology, which unites all individual plants into a single system, raw materials from the warehouse are dosed according to the given recipe into large mills, with a capacity of 20 tons/h, after which they are stored in individual grinding cells. From there, the ground raw materials are poured into mixing facilities, where they are combined with vitamin and mineral supplements, i.e. top quality micro components.

Depending on its intended purpose, and the preferences of the customer, the fodder is delivered to the market in two forms – in powder and in pellet form. At the same time, when it comes to the method of packaging, i.e. delivery, it is important to emphasize that Farmofit fodder is delivered to large farms in dedicated vehicles, “bulkers”, while part of the production, intended for smaller producers and farms, which buy fodder in agricultural pharmacies, is packed in paper bags of different volumes. This, the final stage in the production of fodder is organized on automatic, high-performance bagging lines.

In the end, an average sample is taken from each production batch of ready-made fodder, which is analyzed in our own laboratory, after which, if the identified quality matches the recipe of the nutritionist, Farmofit fodder is distributed to farms and agricultural pharmacies throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All the mentioned production and processing processes comply with ISO 9001:2015, HACCP and Halal standards, while special analyzes and quality controls are carried out in cooperation with the Veterinary Institute “Dr. Vaso Butozan” from Banja Luka, as well as the “Faculty of Veterinary Medicine” from Belgrade.