In addition to the production of fodder, Farmofit provides a wide range of services to all its associates and collaborators, as well as other interested parties.

It is important to emphasize that services are one of the first business activities of the company “Rapic” in the agricultural sector. Namely, before the start of the fodder factory, the service of receiving and storing grain was the leading business service of the company, which was created based on the real needs of the wider area of the Lijevča Polje region, which were promptly recognized and satisfied by the founder of the company.

It was the intensification of the storage service, and then the purchase of grain that, naturally, led to the start of the “Farmofit” fodder factory.

In its current capacities, the service activities of “Farmofit” include:

  • Professional advisory support, which is free for all our associates, customers and partners. That service includes consultancy in the field of animal production, as well as support in the domain of intensive agricultural production.

  • Support in the receiving production inputs. Thanks to long-term partnership relations with the Corn Institute “Zemun Polje”, as well as the mineral fertilizer factory “Petrokemija” from Kutina, the company “Rapic” provides all interested producers and other entities with three basic inputs for the organization of successful farm production – the widely known “ZP Hibridi” , “Kutina” fertilizers and the best “Farmofit” fodder.

  • Organization of cooperation in the production of corn, soybeans and grains, and in line with the system of deferred payment of delivered raw materials – and guaranteed receipt and purchase.

  • The services of our own laboratory, which includes a free quality analysis of all nutrients and raw materials produced on the farms of our collaborators. It is important to emphasize that a large number of our associates also use the service of determining the optimal moment for grain harvesting, based on the analysis of samples from their production areas.

  • Production of “custom made” mixtures of fodder, i.e. dedicated animal feed, according to special, precisely defined recipes of the customer and so on.

Due to the implemented, integral approach in supporting domestic farmers, “Farmofit” has become, as the brand slogan says – “THE NATURAL CHOICE”.