Farmofit Super S-2

Supplementary mixture for fattening pigs.



35% high quality raw protein.


  • Good health status of fattening pigs
  • Fast fattening and good slaughter efficiency
  • High fleshiness and good meat quality
Raw materials Pig fattening 25 to 60 kg Pig fattening 60 to 100 kg
% %
Corn 60.00 60.00
Barley 10.00 15.00
SUPER S-2 30.00 25.00
TOTAL 100.00 100.00


Packaging: bag, net weight 10 kg

Detailed instructions, chemical and raw material composition, can be found on the product declaration.

Note: It may be given exclusively to animals for which it is intended, in a dry state, with a sufficient amount of drinking water. Store in a dry, dark and cool place, protected from rodents, insects, birds and other animals.