Farmofit TOP 5 GT

Vitamin and mineral premix for calves.

Advantages: Due to its composition, Top 5 GT enables proper development, growth and health of calves through ready-to-eat food.


Permitted participation: Due to the high content of vitamins and minerals, the maximum permitted participation in the complete mixture is 5%.


Nutrition (%) Calves up to 100 kg Calves from 100 to 250 kg
Corn 50.00 51.00
Wheat 15.00 10.00
Wheat bran 10.00
Sunflower shot 8.00 14.00
Soybean meal 16.00 10.00
Milk substitute 5.00
TOP 5 GT 5.00 5.00
Total (%) 100.00 100.00


Packaging: bag, net weight 5 kg.

Detailed instructions, chemical and raw material composition, can be found on the product declaration.

Note: Store in a dry, dark and cool place, protected from rodents, insects, birds and other animals. Improper storage may weaken the active substances.